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MHG Maschinenhandel Höing GmbH&Co. KG

Our motto: One man – one word!

For more than ten years, the privately held company Maschinenhandel Höing GmbH & Co. KG has stood for commerce in agricultural machinery. The company developed from humble beginnings on the family farm.

Years of experience

Manfred Höing was born in 1973 in Gescher and grew up on his parents’ farm. Direct practice and the use of agricultural equipment helped him to gain experience and expertise at different levels. After completing his training as an agricultural machine master mechanic, professional businessman, he made his passion to his profession and founded the company Maschinenhandel Höing 2003.

Location and Service

The company had grown so much after four years that is was necessary to move to the industrial area north of Gescher. The current factory location is conveniently located close to the A31 highway. In addition to the boss, one agricultural machine mechanic, one skilled painter, one professional refurbisher, as well as one secretary who, as a management assistant, has power of attorney. In addition, we specifically purchase manufac- tured manpower as required, in order to achieve the best possible working quality.

A man – a word!

With over 28 years of professional experience in the field of agricultural machinery, Manfred Hoeing makes each machine inspection and condition assessment the top priority and is confident about the condition of the machines that he buys. He also personally performs the final inspection of the machines that leave the company. His motto: One man – one word! This, among other things, accounts for the success of the company, proven by countless satisfied customers all over the world.

History of our company

  • 2003  Founding of the company Maschinenhandel Höing on the family farm in Gescher

  • 2006  Renamed Maschinenhandel Höing GmbH & Co. KG

  • 2007  Purchased a conveniently located piece of land over 4,000 m² on Liebigstraße in the industrial area north of Gescher, the current location with two halls and an office wing

  • 2011  Acquisition of HansaTraktor GmbH with machines, including land and buildings in Neuenkirchen-Vörden (at Niedersachsen Park on the A1)

  • 2013  10 year anniversary of the company and creation of the new website

  • 2016   is also successfully on the market in the case of falling sales worldwide in the agricultural machinery sector with lower machine stocks

Maschinenhandel Höing GmbH&Co. KG · Liebigstraße 8 · 48712 Gescher · Germany
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